About IAD

Information Age Diamond (IAD) is a subsidiary of the Lee Heng Diamond Group (LHDG) which is established since 1949. We provide one stop diamond jewellery supply solutions to jewellery wholesalers and retailers around the world.

Established in 2000, we inherited an extensive network of resources and experience in the diamond jewellery industry through the LHDG which comprises of 11 diamond jewellery companies.

Leveraging on the vertically integrated business model, IAD has developed expertise in managing and improving supply chains of MaBelle Jewellery and Madia Jewellery; LHDG retail chains which spans over a hundred locations in Hong Kong and China. Annually, we process in excess of a quarter million pieces of diamond jewellery ranging over five thousand styles and manage the daily replenishment and movement of a jewellery stock of over fifty thousand pieces.


As we called our company Information Age Diamond, we believe:

"Having the right product, at the right place, at the right time, delivered to the right customer will not only mean achieving optimal selling prices but also the key to having a sustainable and efficient jewellery business in the 21st century."

Hence, we do not only aim to provide large variety of diamond jewellery products to our customers but also a holistic supply chain solution coupled with efficient and responsive online ordering and replenishment services.

With an Online Inventory System of over 4,000 styles, we are confident that our customers will always find the right products at the right time!

   Certificate of Registration for Category A
   Registrant Registration No.: A-B-23-08-01136